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Will having no spring football favor some teams more than others?
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 Posted: Wed Mar 18th, 2020 01:08 pm


With spring practice postponed throughout the country, does this tilt the scales even more in the favor of teams with high amounts of player and staff continuity? Potentially fewer practices for new players to get adjusted to each other and staffs to instill their vision would make it seem that those who return a lot will benefit next year.

This will most adversely affect schools with coaching changes, where those 15 practices can be essential both for the new staff to evaluate the personnel they inherited and install their playbooks.

This is yet another instance where the haves are going to be better equipped to withstand it than the have nots.

For one thing, they have bigger support staffs full of people who can help their players navigate these challenges, whether helping keep them on track academically, making sure they’re keeping up their conditioning back home or just being a sounding board. But also: If everyone’s going to enter this season with less practice, I’d rather have a bunch of five-stars whose talent may help mask unrefined technique than a bunch of two- and three-stars for whom development is essential and who may now be getting less coaching.

Most coaches would tell you time spent in the weight room and in summer workouts is ultimately more important for that than 15 practices. But guess what? Gyms are closing. (And even if they’re open, you’d be nuts to still be going.) There’s going to be a lot of strength coaches out there who have to get creative over the next several months.

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